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Image by Isaac N.C.

Why, Hello there!

I'm Cristina,
A Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Nutrition & Wellbeing Success Strategist 


I'm thrilled you arrived!

Pffft. What am I saying? We never "arrive". 

Which is actually fantastic news and the sooner we appreciate that, the sooner we allow ourselves to start feeling all that joy to be had along our perfectly imperfect progress. 

I'm glad you're here - and if you're feeling like you could use a little 'life-lift' to start feeling your best - you're in the right place!


I tap into the science of nutrition, movement, and mind state to help you formulate the plan that brings you to your desired way of living with a prerequisite of joy!

I'm honoured to be journeying it up, right alongside you, and blazing any bit of your trail you could use the guidance and support on! 

With gratitude & joy,

loveCris (2).png

To Bring Your Desired Vision of Health & Wellbeing to Life!

Cup of Yellow

It's Time

This is the place to be,

to reach 'Praxis' ...

a state of being that ALIGNS with

the way you WANT to be living.

Oh, too simple for you?

Well... isn't it funny how Hard

'simple' Can Be, Sometimes?

Woohoo! Pleased to be Connected!