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What, Why & Who

How Praxis came to be

Cristina Fernandes, RD, PHEc., CDE

My Most Favourite Work within Nutrition & Wellbeing are in the areas of:

  • Gut/Digestive Health

  • Pelvic Wellness

  • Diabetes and Chronic Disease Prevention/Management

  • Healthy Weights and Positive Body Image

  • Emotional/Behavioural Eating

  • Combating Stress/Fatigue 

  • Positive Behaviour Change

  • Motivational Interviewing/Empowerment Coaching

The Kiddie Scoop

Hi again! I'm Cristina Fernandes the owner & overjoyed founder of Praxis. 

I was born and raised in the Tri-Cities and had the privilege of completing both my undergrad and graduate studies in London, Ontario and moved back to KW to begin my intense journey in the diabetes/chronic disease/positive behaviour change world of wellbeing. 

Shortly after becoming a Registered Dietitian I made the commitment in becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and had the honour of having a lasting impact in the lives of many living with or at risk of DMT2. My Professional Home Economist designation allows me to employ the brilliance of this profession into the work I do, daily; and, I became more passionate and driven to serve with all my might through my purpose of teaching, coaching and empowering individuals and groups to realize their desired state of wellbeing through nutrition and joyful living.
Alongside a career that I am absolutely obsessed with, I also started and grew another successful online business and oddly enough, work to spend most of my time offline, outside in the embrace of Mother E. I am blessed beyond measure with my sensational family unit and surrounding loved ones who bask in the beauty of this land with me each and every day. 

I'm thrilled you're here and honoured for us to get the Triple Scoop on one another, as we journey together!

The Road to Praxis

Find the Need. Nourish the Solution

So... where does Praxis fit in? 


Although there were tremendous successes when coaching individuals with their health - I also noticed a clear problem. Some were not experiencing success. Many were dreading the process. Many who had experienced success didn't realize the success - and some who had full-fledged climbed the mountain ended up reverting to the habits that took them away from their summit. 

I noticed a problem that required a solution. People (nearly all of us) hold on to these particular goals or desired outcomes... yet the actions we take, not only so often misalign with those goals/desires... but they take us on a whole other trajectory AWAY from our desired outcomes. I was fascinated. I saw a clear connection to success with nutrition & wellbeing and success with business, house & home, and relationships. I became enthralled in accelerating my learning from all angles of behaviour change, success principles, vision casting, and goal crushing - Along with the most relevant nutritional science and nourishment strategies being implemented and having lasting results, of course! 

Praxis is when we act and behave in alignment with our true North. When our values, beliefs and desires determine our actions - and our actions or behaviors are lead by said values, beliefs, and desires. This is where we feel our best - it's where we feel most joyful, fulfilled, and energized. It's where we feel authentic and true. It's where we gain the confidence and trust in ourselves to lead others and create the positive impact we're meant to be ensuing!


My journey, like anyone's journey, is unique - mine specifically is filled with: experience in implementing and executing strategies for success; leadership; personal triumphs surmounting chronic dis-ease; a unique perspective on human behaviour and human connection; and, tried & true nutritional approaches.

Praxis Principles are taught at every session and with every piece of copy I send off to this world. It's intentional and made for impact - but there is so much to share! These principles, strategies, and teachings have been brought together in a streamlined program, offering learning and perspective and a clear vision on the plan to get anyone from where they are to where they want to be with their Nutrition and Wellbeing journey.

Sketched Arrow

I am so glad you're here and so very honoured to be even a small part of your beYOUtiful journey. 


We are out to help every fabulous human reach & maintain their desired state of wellbeing through delicious nutrition, celebratory movement, and a kick-ass mindstate.

 What we consume is so much more than nutrition. Yet, what we eat is one of the most powerful tools we have to keep our structures strong, & our minds sharp.

This is the gateway to vitality - to your desired life.

How to make it a part of your joyful, un-overwhelmed lifestyle... that's where we come in.


We envision a world that people roam joyfully.

Joyfully and well.

When one is well, it makes room for the stuff we are made to do... Being authentic to whom you are, serving this world in your true purpose - this takes energy and the space to pour from an overflowing cup.

We picture Earthlings existing in this very fashion and having a heck of a time doing it!


Here are some of our core philosophies. They move us. We hope they add some pep to your step too!

  • The road to wellbeing is paved with good intestines.

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  • If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

  • All you have to do to get started is get started.

  • Progress is perfectly imperfect

  • Insert: Joy!

Quotation Marks

This organization grows from the roots of knowledge, love, and joy - a passionate vision for what’s possible and a commitment to be able to help as many people reach a state of wellbeing that allows them to pay it forward with their unstoppable drive to  live this life on purpose !


               here to serve! G.B. Shaw says it best- "I want to be used up when I die." This organization grows from the roots of knowledge, love, and joy - a passionate vision for what’s possible and a commitment to be able to help as many people reach a state of wellbeing that allows them to pay it forward with their unstoppable drive to live this life on purpose!


We're just getting started and through free content, accessible online programs, one-on-one coaching, and additional services here to help you succeed  — we’re here to make a positive impact. To guide you through identifying what you truly desire for your health and wellbeing and crush the goals you set forth, to create just that!


Whether you've been feeling stuck with your health, vitality, or vision towards feeling your best or are looking to give your current nutrition & wellbeing plan a life-lift, we’re here to get you from where you are to where you want to be, through optimal nutrition (based on YOUR diet), celebratory movement and a congenial state of mind. Feel the joy as you dance through this glorious journey!


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