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The Praxis Program

Because... It's Time.

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The Praxis Program

A Nutrition & Wellbeing Revolution

Because You're Ready to Rise!

Each Session:


Course length

5 Weeks

9 live sessions with the coach and program creator! Working head (and heart) on with you to create the nutriitonal & wellbeing changes you have wished for your entire life!


Instructor & 
Program Developer 

Cristina Fernandes

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Wellbeing Success Strategist with *the* program that will not only help you get what you’re wanting out of your health this year… but that will teach you how to find the sweet spot of habitual progress that lasts a lifetime. 


Cris' coaching technique harnesses empowerment from within, formulating a plan that brings upon the results you want - with a whole lot of joy in the process.

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“I’m so grateful to be able to utilize this knowledge to help others reach a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment with their health. They’re principles that have helped so many throughout my career, now in a streamlined, actionable program. This has been something that I have been working on for quite some time - It’s exciting to unleash it into the world.”


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Participants stated that they were able to atcheive exactly what they were looking for with the Praxis Program!

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The meeting space  being safe and welcoming.


Participants stated that they were able to achieve what they were aiming to achieve with the Praxis Program!
stated that they
will be or have already recommended the program to a friend, other loved one or colleague.


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